Past Events

Start Time Name Location Event TypeArrow desc
Thu 09/23/10 11:00AM Google Tech Talk The Woz Industry
Tue 09/28/10 10:00AM Lockheed Martin Infosession The Woz Industry
Tue 02/09/10 10:00AM Salesforce Infosession 60 Evans Industry
Fri 10/01/10 10:00AM Facebook Tech Talk The Woz Industry
Fri 10/01/10 11:30AM Facebook Hackathon The Woz Industry
Wed 02/17/10 09:00AM VMware Student Recruitment Infosesion Wozniak Lounge Industry
Wed 02/24/10 09:00AM Qualcomm Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Mon 09/27/10 11:00AM LinkedIn Infosession 75 Evans Industry
Wed 03/03/10 09:30AM National Instruments Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Tue 11/09/10 10:00AM MIT Lincoln Labs Infosession 39 Evans Hall Industry
Tue 02/16/10 10:00AM Goldman Sachs Technology Division Infosession 75 Evans Industry
Wed 02/17/10 11:00AM MIT Lincoln Labs Infosession 75 Evans Industry
Mon 10/04/10 11:00AM Apple Infosession HP Auditorium Industry
Wed 09/24/08 05:00AM EECS Career Fair Pauley Ballroom Industry
Thu 10/07/10 10:00AM NetApp Infosession The Woz Industry
Thu 04/15/10 11:00AM TubeMogul Infosession 5 Evans Industry
Thu 02/25/10 10:00AM D. E. Shaw Research Infosession 81 Evans Industry
Tue 04/20/10 10:00AM Google App Engine TechTalk 10 Evans Industry
Mon 11/17/08 10:30AM Qualcomm Tech Talk: Android and the Future of Open Source OS Wozniak Lounge Industry
Tue 11/18/08 08:00AM Interview Prep Workshop 405 Soda Industry