Resume Books

What is the HKN Resume Book?

The Berkeley HKN Resume Book contains the resumes of our membership, which is pooled from the top 25% of the junior class and the top 33% of the senior class. Resumes are continually updated and categorized by graduation date and engineering focus to help you find the perfect match for any employment opportunity.

How current is the Resume Book?

It is updated every semester.

In what form will I receive the Resume Book?

HKN provides a downloadable Resume Book (as a pdf), or we can also mail a version on a CD.

How much does the Resume Book cost?

HKN asks for a $250 donation for the Resume Book. Your donations help us to continue improving the services we offer which include tutoring, exam archives, course surveys and contact with industry to connect the students of the Berkeley EECS community.

What kinds of students would I be able to find in the Resume Book?

Total:92 Students
Graduating 202610
Graduating 202549
Graduating 202427

How do I order it?

Please go to the order form. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.