Course Surveys

Course survey data for all undergraduate and graduate level EECS courses are available here.

There are hundreds of thousands of pages, so, although most aspects work fine, there may be errors of which we are unaware. If you spot an error, especially a missing class or professor, or have a suggestion for the site, please email www-coursesurvey@hkn.

Prerequisite Charts

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EE20N EE40 EE105 EE117 EE118 EE119 EE120 EE121 EE122 EE123 EE125 EE126 EE128 EE129 EE130 EE131 EE133 EE140 EE141 EE142 EE143 EE144 EE145M EE145L EE145B CS150 EE192 Electrical Engineering Courses
CS61A CS61B CS61C CS70 CS150 CS152 CS160 CS161 CS162 CS164 CS169 CS170 CS172 CS174 CS184 CS186 CS188 Computer Science Courses