Information for professors and TAs

Your biographic data

All information we list by default is available publicly from the internet through other means. In particular, pictures are from the faculty roster pages on the EECS websites.

Correcting information

Since there is a large amount of data involved, sometimes there are human or automation errors. For any kind of comment or request, email coursesurveys@hkn.EECS.

  • add/change/remove personal information: spelling/capitalization of your name, picture, email / URL, etc.
  • fix errors or omissions in course survey data
  • combine TA listed multiple times, e.g. as a CS and EE TA, or with different spelling
  • link to a URL that comments on your ratings


If you are a GSI that has been evaluated and would like to hide or unhide your ratings, email coursesurveys@hkn.EECS.

Source data and Written comments

The EECS department handles the Scantron input. To see the raw data, including written comments, visit the department CS office (Soda 381) for CS classes, or the EE office (Cory 231) for EE classes (not the HKN offices!).

Email addresses

Rest assured that spammers are not getting your email address through HKN Course Surveys. Though your email address looks normal and clickable when rendered by a modern Javascript-enabled browser, it is obfuscated in the HTML source such that web spiders cannot get it.