Hidden GSI Ratings

HKN had been publishing ratings of professors and GSIs online since 1988. In October 2004, HKN was told that public posting teaching evaluations of GSIs violates the federal student-privacy law FERPA. As a result, we only publish GSI ratings when we have explicit permission.

All GSI ratings are by default marked private. GSIs can opt-in to have ratings be displayed on our website; otherwise we only display objective/historical information.

FERPA only applies to individuals who were required to be a teaching assistant in order to graduate, i.e. PhD students in EECS. For uniformity, for now all teaching evaluations of TAs are by default private.

Opt-in Policy

To opt-in to allow HKN to show your teaching evaluations on the web, please complete and return this form:

You may return the form through snail-mail, e-mail of scan, fax, or sneakernet. Details are on the form. You can expedite the process by emailing www-coursesurveys@hkn.EECS after you have completed the form.

For more information, please email www-coursesurveys@hkn.EECS.