Google App Engine TechTalk

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Date Tue 04/20/10 10:00AM - 01:00PM
Location 10 Evans
Event type Industry
Description Speaker: Wesley Chun, Google Developer Relations Google App Engine is a platform for developing and hosting web applications in Google- managed data centers. It is cloud computing technology, and virtualizes applications across multiple servers and data centers. It supports apps written in languages such as Java and Python. With App Engine's Java runtime environment, you can build your app using any languages using a JVM-based interpreter or compiler, such as JavaScript or Ruby. App Engine also features a dedicated Python runtime environment including a fast Python interpreter and the Python standard library. The Java and Python runtime environments are built to ensure that your application runs quickly, securely, and without interference from other apps on the system. There will be one hour lecture followed by one to two hours of coding session. Please bring your laptops with Google App Engine SDK available at