Facebook Tech Talk

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Date Fri 10/01/10 10:00AM - 11:30AM
Location The Woz
Event type Industry
Description Tech Talk on Facebook technologies! RSVP @ www.facebook.com/caltechtalk Facebook is hiring brilliant engineers who want to make an impact as we grow and shape the way the world connects and shares with each other. We invite you to join us in Woz Lounge for a Tech Talk delivered by Facebook engineers/Cal Alumni: Mark Rabkin speaking, and Arun Vijayvergiya, Aileen Chen, Yiding Jia, and Peter Martinazzi helping, to learn more about what projects we’re working on and what makes engineering at Facebook u...nique. No one has ever done what we are trying to do at such speed and scale, on top of that we only do it with about 450+ engineers. Our active user to engineer ratio is over 1,000,000 : 1 and growing. You won’t be able to get that personal impact at any other tech company in the world. We also move as fast as we can to launch things quickly and then iterate to make them better. We would rather take risks and break a few things in the process than move slowly. It’s not unusual for the code you write one day to be in use by hundreds of millions of users that same night. We’ll have some food and drinks, but do us a favor and RSVP so that we know to expect you. Also, add any of your friends to this event that you think might be interested as well. We've got over 500 million active users so far, but we have so much more to do and build... ninjas strongly encouraged to apply.