Past Events

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Start Time NameArrow asc Location Event Type
Thu 09/25/08 12:00PM A Night of EECS Theater 306 Soda Hall Miscellaneous
Sat 12/06/08 03:00PM After Banquet Awesomeness TBA Miscellaneous
Sat 05/09/09 04:00PM After Banquet Awesomeness Somewhere Awesome Miscellaneous
Sat 12/05/09 03:00PM After Banquet Awesomeness TBA Miscellaneous
Sat 05/01/10 04:00PM After Banquet Awesomeness ...and ruin the surprise? Miscellaneous
Tue 02/03/09 09:00AM Agilent Infosession The Woz Miscellaneous
Fri 10/30/09 12:00PM Alumni Appreciation Dinner Emeryville Chevy's (Meet at HMC) Miscellaneous
Sat 04/05/14 08:30PM Alumni Appreciation Dinner Great China Miscellaneous
Sat 05/09/09 12:00PM Banquet SF Miscellaneous
Sat 12/05/09 11:00AM Banquet Scotts Garden, Walnut Creek Miscellaneous
Sat 12/03/11 07:30PM Banquet Astaria (50 East Third Avenue, San Mateo CA 94401) Miscellaneous
Sat 04/28/12 07:30PM Banquet Cosmopolitan Restaurant 121 Spear Miscellaneous
Sat 12/01/12 07:30PM Banquet 1300 on Fillmore Miscellaneous
Sat 05/04/13 08:45PM Banquet Pacific Hornblower, San Francisco Bay Miscellaneous
Sat 05/02/15 07:00PM Banquet ROE Restaurant (651 Howard St, San Francisco, CA) Miscellaneous
Sat 12/05/15 07:00PM Banquet H.S. Lordships (199 Seawall Drive, Berkeley, CA 94710) Miscellaneous
Sat 04/30/16 07:00PM Banquet McCormick & Kuleto's Miscellaneous
Mon 02/15/10 05:00AM CS61A Review Session 277 Cory Miscellaneous
Sun 03/07/10 08:00AM CS61A Review Session 306 Soda Miscellaneous
Sun 04/11/10 07:00AM CS61A Review Session 277 Cory Miscellaneous