Past Events

Start Time NameArrow desc Location Event Type
Thu 01/28/10 09:00AM Google TechTalk / Infosession Soda Hall, Wozniak Lounge Industry
Fri 01/22/10 04:00AM Engineering/Technical Resume Critique Hearst Memorial Mining Building - Rm 290 Industry
Thu 01/21/10 09:00AM Microsoft Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Wed 11/18/09 10:00AM Maxim Integrated Products Infosession 7 Evans Industry
Wed 10/28/09 11:00AM Osha Liang Infosession 7 Evans Industry
Tue 10/13/09 10:30PM Bigfix Infosession Hogan Room 521 Cory Hall Industry
Thu 09/17/09 10:00AM Riverbed Infosession Hughes Room 400 Cory Industry
Wed 09/16/09 11:00AM Qualcomm Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Tue 09/15/09 11:00AM Google Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Tue 09/15/09 05:00AM Google Intern Panel Luncheon Wozniak Lounge Industry
Mon 09/14/09 11:00AM Quia Infosession 71 Evans Industry
Tue 03/10/09 07:00AM HKN Startup Fair 120ABC Bechtel Industry
Thu 03/05/09 10:30AM HKN Coding Competition 306 SODA Industry
Tue 11/18/08 08:00AM Interview Prep Workshop 405 Soda Industry
Mon 11/17/08 10:30AM Qualcomm Tech Talk: Android and the Future of Open Source OS Wozniak Lounge Industry
Sun 11/09/08 10:00AM MIT Lincoln Laboratories Infosession 3 Evans Industry
Wed 10/29/08 10:00AM Palantir Infosession Cory Hall, Hogan room (521) Industry
Wed 10/22/08 11:00AM Quia Infosession 45 Evans Industry
Thu 10/16/08 11:30AM Palantir Interview Workshop 306 SODA Industry
Wed 10/08/08 11:00AM Pelago Infosession - free cheeseboard! 45 Evans Industry