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Course Name Latest Class
EE221A Linear System Theory Fall 2018
CS60B Machine Structures Fall 1993
CS252 Graduate Computer Architecture Spring 2018
CS61C Machine Structures Fall 2018
CS162 Operating Systems and System Programming Fall 2018
CS266 Introduction to System Performance Analysis Spring 2010
EE145M Introductory Microcomputer Interfacing Laboratory Spring 2011
Instructor Recent Courses Rating
Zeitouni, O. EE126
Hansson, O. CS188, CS150 [private]
Guenther, O. CS186, CS294
Safaqah, O. EE145M [private]
Arikan, O. CS184 [private]
Ken, O. EE120 [private]
Shakernia, O. EE120 [private]
Cooper, O. CS61C [private]
Bentz, O. EE140 [private]
Takahashi, O. EE143 [private]
Feely, O. EE104 [private]
Freely, O. EE104 [private]
Sharp, O. CS8 [private]
Pederson, Donald O. EE140, EE142 4.8 / 7
Chua, Leon O. EE100, EE104, EE129, EE220 5.1 / 7