Electrical Engineering C247B

Title Introduction to MEMS Design
Description Physics, fabrication, and design of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). Micro and nanofabrication processes, including silicon surface and bulk micromachining and non-silicon micromachining. Integration strategies and assembly processes. Microsensor and microactuator devices: electrostatic, piezoresistive, piezoelectric, thermal, magnetic transduction. Electronic position-sensing circuits and electrical and mechanical noise. CAD for MEMS. Design project is required. Also listed as Mechanical Engineering C218.
Sections Instructor Teaching Effectiveness How worthwhile was this course?
Spring 2018 Clark Nguyen 6.4 / 7 6.2 / 7
Spring 2017 Clark Nguyen 6.3 / 7 5.7 / 7
Spring 2014 Clark Nguyen 6.3 / 7 6.3 / 7
Overall Rating Teaching Effectiveness How worthwhile was this course?
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