Electrical Engineering 151

Title Introduction to Digital Design and Integrated Circuits
Units 3
Prerequisites Electrical Engineering 16A & 16B; Computer Science 61C; and recommended: Electrical Engineering 105
Description An introduction to digital and system design. The material provides a top-down view of the principles, components, and methodologies for large scale digital system design. The underlying CMOS devices and manufacturing technologies are introduced, but quickly abstracted to higher-levels to focus the class on design of larger digital modules for both FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) and ASICs (application specific integrated circuits). The class includes extensive use of industrial grade design automation and verification tools for assignments, labs and projects.
Sections Instructor Teaching Effectiveness How worthwhile was this course?
Spring 2016 Jan Rabaey 6.8 / 7 7.0 / 7
Fall 2015 Vladimir Stojanovic 5.5 / 7 5.7 / 7
John Wawrzynek 5.3 / 7 5.8 / 7
Overall Rating Teaching Effectiveness How worthwhile was this course?
6.1 / 7 6.4 / 7
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