Computer Science 293B

Title Vision B: Quantitative, Perceptual, and Physiological Aspects
Units 2
Prerequisites Consent of instructor.
Description The course will present basic material on inferring 3d from visual information. This will include disparity, motion, texture, shading, and occlusion. Introduction to the psychophysics and mathematical analysis underlying the inference of 3d scene properties from 2d retinal images. Psychophysics of various cues to 3d shape and spatial layout such as texture, contour, shading, stereopsis, and structure from motion. Geometrical analysis of these cues. Probabilitic theory for optimal combination of cues and estimation of scene properties. Relevant physiology of V1, V2, V4, and higher areas. Also listed as Psychology C215B, Vision Science C290B, and Molecular and Cell Biology C264B.
Sections Instructor Teaching Effectiveness How worthwhile was this course?
Fall 2002 Jitendra Malik 6.2 / 7 6.0 / 7
Overall Rating Teaching Effectiveness How worthwhile was this course?
6.2 / 7 6.0 / 7
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