Computer Science 197-2 - Summer 2023 - Satish Rao

Instructor Satish Rao 20 respondents
The assignments were well designed to help me understand the course material and gain a deeper perspective on the subject. N/A
The instructor created an environment in which I could feel included N/A
Gives lectures that are well organized N/A
Is enthusiastic about the subject matter N/A
Identifies what the instructor considers important N/A
Has an interesting style of presentation N/A
Uses visual aids and blackboards effectively N/A
Encourages questions from students N/A
Is careful and precise in answering questions N/A
Relates to students as individuals N/A
Is accessible to students outside of class N/A
Is friendly and helpful to students during office hours N/A
Gives interesting and stimulating assignments N/A
Gives exams that permit students to show their understanding N/A
Uses a grading system that is clearly defined and equitable N/A
Rate the overall teaching effectiveness of this instructor N/A
Required course material is sufficiently covered in lecture N/A
The required text/notes are beneficial N/A
How worthwhile was this course compared with others at U.C.? 7.0 / 7