Past Events

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Start Time NameArrow desc Location Event Type
Thu 03/08/12 05:00PM Zazzle Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Wed 02/12/14 05:00PM Yelp Tech Talk Wozniak Lounge Industry
Fri 01/21/11 04:00AM Yelp Infosession The Woz Industry
Wed 09/11/13 05:00PM Yelp Infosession Woz Industry
Thu 09/25/14 06:00PM Yelp Information Session Wozniak Lounge Industry
Thu 03/04/10 10:00AM Workday, Inc. Infosession 3117 Etcheverry Industry
Tue 10/26/10 11:00AM Workday Infosession 39 Evans Hall Industry
Fri 09/04/15 05:00PM Workday Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Wed 12/09/15 07:00PM Winter Wonderland Dance HMMB Lobby Miscellaneous
Wed 12/07/16 07:00PM Winter Wonderland Hearst Memorial Mining Building Miscellaneous
Thu 09/11/08 10:00AM Why Go to Graduate School 310 Soda Hall Service
Fri 09/12/14 05:30PM Visa Tech Talk 521 Hogan Room Industry
Wed 02/11/15 05:00PM Visa Information Session Wozniak Lounge Industry
Thu 10/14/10 11:30AM Video Game Night The Woz Fun
Wed 10/07/15 05:00PM Vatic Labs Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Thu 02/17/11 07:00PM VSee Lab Infosession 31 Evans Hall Industry
Wed 02/17/10 09:00AM VMware Student Recruitment Infosesion Wozniak Lounge Industry
Thu 10/02/08 11:00AM VMware Infosession Hogan Room, Cory Hall (521) Industry
Thu 10/14/10 11:15AM VMWare Infosession Hogan Room (521 Cory) Industry
Tue 02/01/11 09:00AM VMWare Infosession The Woz Industry