Past Events

Start Time NameArrow desc Location Event Type
Sat 05/02/15 07:00PM Banquet ROE Restaurant (651 Howard St, San Francisco, CA) Miscellaneous
Tue 04/28/15 05:00PM RBFN Woz Miscellaneous
Sat 04/25/15 04:00PM Engineering Sports Night Willard Park Fun
Sat 04/25/15 08:20AM Rebuilding Together Telegraph/Bancroft 51B Bus Stop Service
Fri 04/24/15 06:00PM LAN Party Woz Fun
Wed 04/22/15 06:00PM Dinner with Pres Koryo Restaurant 2556 Telegraph Ave # 8 Fun
Mon 04/20/15 06:00PM Fentons Sather Gate Fun
Sun 04/19/15 11:00AM Scavenger Hunt Soda Breezeway Big Fun
Sat 04/18/15 09:30AM Rising Sun Energy RSF Service
Fri 04/17/15 08:40PM Alumni Broomball Downtown Berkeley BART Fun
Thu 04/16/15 07:00PM GM 3 Woz Mandatory for Candidates
Wed 04/15/15 05:00PM Study Destress Woz Miscellaneous
Sun 04/12/15 07:00PM Casino Night Cory 521 (Hogan Room) Fun
Sun 04/12/15 06:00PM Rock Climbing (CANCELLED) Bridges Fun
Sat 04/11/15 07:00PM Alumni Appreciation Dinner Taste of the Himalayas (note the location change) Fun
Sat 04/11/15 01:00PM Friends of Five Creeks Mulford Hall Service
Fri 04/10/15 07:00PM Karaoke Night 540AB Cory Fun
Sun 04/05/15 10:00AM Dim Sum Peony Seafood Restaurant, Oakland Fun
Sat 04/04/15 08:00AM Eggster Annual Egg Hunt Campanile Esplanade Service
Fri 04/03/15 07:00PM Ballroom Dancing with SWE Wozniak Lounge Fun