Past Events

Start Time Name Location Event TypeArrow asc
Sat 11/16/13 08:00AM SPRUCE Up Lake Merritt Lake Merritt(Meet at Berkeley Bart) Service
Wed 10/03/12 06:30PM Bake-Off 1715 Spruce St, Berkeley, CA Service
Fri 04/08/11 10:00AM SWE Mini University Outreach 330 Soda Hall Service
Sat 04/07/12 12:45PM Eggster The Campanile Service
Wed 04/03/13 07:00PM Department Bake Off 1715 Spruce St, Apartment 11 Service
Thu 09/11/08 10:00AM Why Go to Graduate School 310 Soda Hall Service
Tue 03/20/12 08:00PM Department Bake Off 2432 Fulton St. Service
Sun 10/10/10 04:00AM Fleet Week/Blue Angels Meet at HMC Service
Sat 04/21/12 09:00AM Cal Day Cory Hall Service
Sat 03/12/11 09:00AM Engineering 4 Kids Meet at 345 Soda Service
Sat 03/17/12 09:00AM Engineering For Kids (E4K) 330 Soda Service
Sat 04/04/15 08:00AM Eggster Annual Egg Hunt Campanile Esplanade Service
Tue 11/08/11 06:00PM Bake-Off!! 1715 Spruce Street Apartment 11 Service
Sat 09/19/09 06:00AM EE20 Review Session 306 Soda Service
Sat 04/20/13 09:00AM Cal Day Cory Hall Service
Sun 10/12/08 02:00AM Blue Angels HMC Service
Tue 09/09/08 10:00AM Fundamentals of Applying to Graduate School 277 Cory Hall Service
Sat 10/15/11 11:00AM Rebuilding Together Meet @ HMC Service
Sun 10/09/11 10:30AM Fleet Week at SF Meet at Downtown Berkeley BART Service
Sat 11/22/14 12:30PM Lawrence Hall of Science Soda Service