Past Events

Start TimeArrow desc Name Location Event Type
Tue 03/16/10 12:00PM Fenton's Meet at HMC Fun
Sun 03/14/10 03:00AM Big Fun Event - Photoscav Hogan Room (521 Cory) Big Fun
Sat 03/13/10 12:00PM Alumni Broomball Meet @ HMC Fun
Sat 03/13/10 01:00AM E4K 320 Soda Service
Wed 03/10/10 10:30AM General Meeting 1 The Woz Mandatory for Candidates
Sun 03/07/10 08:00AM CS61A Review Session 306 Soda Miscellaneous
Sun 03/07/10 06:00AM CS61C Review Session 306 Soda Miscellaneous
Fri 03/05/10 12:00PM Ice Cream/Gelato Social Naia's 2106 Shattuck Ave. Fun
Thu 03/04/10 10:00AM Workday, Inc. Infosession 3117 Etcheverry Industry
Thu 03/04/10 09:30AM Facebook Tech Talk The Woz Industry
Thu 03/04/10 02:00AM IEEE, CSUA, HKN Startup Career Fair Open space between Soda and Etcheverry halls Industry
Wed 03/03/10 09:30AM National Instruments Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Tue 03/02/10 11:30AM HKN Smash Tournament Wozniak Lounge(430 Soda) Fun
Sun 02/28/10 08:30AM CS70 Review Session 306 Soda Miscellaneous
Thu 02/25/10 10:00AM D. E. Shaw Research Infosession 81 Evans Industry
Wed 02/24/10 10:30AM HKN Candidate Meeting 120 Bechtel Miscellaneous
Wed 02/24/10 09:00AM Qualcomm Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Sun 02/21/10 07:00AM EE42/100 Review Session 277 Cory Miscellaneous
Fri 02/19/10 11:00AM Rock Climbing Berkeley Ironworks (800 Potter St) (Meet at HMC) Fun
Wed 02/17/10 11:00AM MIT Lincoln Labs Infosession 75 Evans Industry