Past Events

Start Time Name Location Event TypeArrow asc
Wed 02/17/16 05:00PM Quantcast Infosession Woz Industry
Tue 03/01/16 05:00PM Apple Infosession Woz Industry
Mon 03/28/16 06:30PM Oracle Tech Talk Woz Industry
Tue 03/29/16 06:30PM Stripe Tech Talk Woz Industry
Fri 09/16/16 06:00PM Google Lightning Tech Talks Wozniak Lounge Industry
Wed 09/28/16 06:00PM Databricks Info Session Woz Industry
Thu 09/29/16 05:30PM Stripe Tech Talk Cory 540AB Industry
Tue 03/14/17 06:00PM General Motors Infosession Woz Industry
Fri 10/19/18 04:30PM Officer Hangout - Jam Session Cesar Chavez Basement Interactivities
Tue 10/30/18 08:00AM Officer Hangout - Morning RSF RSF Interactivities
Fri 11/02/18 07:30PM Officer Hangout - Making Cornbread! 1815 Spruce Street Apt 101 Interactivities
Tue 11/06/18 08:00AM Officer Hangout - Morning RSF RSF Interactivities
Wed 11/14/18 02:00PM Officer Hangout - Game Play-Testing 345 Soda Hall Interactivities
Fri 03/22/19 05:00PM Card Making for Other People HKN Soda Office Interactivities
Thu 04/04/19 04:00PM Officer Hangout - Dustin Li on Tech HP Auditorium Interactivities
Thu 04/11/19 03:30PM Officer Hangout - Make a Plushie! Cory 521 Interactivities
Mon 04/08/19 07:15AM RSF Workout [Arms] RSF Interactivities
Wed 04/10/19 07:15AM RSF Workout [Abs] RSF Interactivities
Sun 04/14/19 09:00PM Game of Thrones Watch Party HP Auditorium Interactivities
Tue 03/31/09 11:30AM General Meeting 2 The Woz Mandatory for Candidates