Past Events

Start Time NameArrow asc Location Event Type
Sat 11/22/14 10:15PM Alumni Broomball Hearst Mining Circle (travelling by Bart to Oakland Ice Center) Fun
Fri 04/17/15 08:40PM Alumni Broomball Downtown Berkeley BART Fun
Sat 11/14/15 10:30PM Alumni Broomball Oakland Ice Center Fun
Sat 11/12/16 12:00PM Alumni Dim Sum Great Eastern Restaurant, 649 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133 Fun
Thu 04/21/16 06:00PM Alumni Exploratorium After Dark Exploratorium, SF Fun
Sat 10/31/09 04:00AM Amazing (Puzzle) Race Wozniak Lounge Big Fun
Sat 11/05/11 10:00AM Amazing Race HMC Big Fun
Wed 11/03/10 10:00AM Amazon Infosession The Woz Industry
Tue 04/05/11 06:00PM Amazon Infosession HP Auditorium (306 Soda) Industry
Wed 10/27/10 11:00AM Andreessen Horowitz Infosession 41 Evans Hall Industry
Thu 10/13/11 06:00PM Andreessen Horowitz Infosession 2 Evans Industry
Tue 10/20/15 05:00PM Apple Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Tue 03/01/16 05:00PM Apple Infosession Woz Industry
Mon 10/04/10 11:00AM Apple Infosession HP Auditorium Industry
Mon 09/23/13 06:00PM Arista Networks Infosession Woz Industry
Thu 02/06/14 05:30PM Arista Networks Tech Talk Wozniak Lounge Industry
Wed 03/02/16 06:00PM Aspera Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Sat 10/18/14 04:45PM Autumn Lights Festival @ Lake Merrit Downtown Berkeley BART Service
Sat 04/09/16 02:00PM BAMPFA with Alums! BAMPFA Fun
Thu 02/14/13 08:00AM BEARS 2013 I-House, Chevron Auditorium Industry