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Date Sun 11/23/08 12:00AM - 06:00AM
Location Paintball Jungle (45 minutes north of Berkeley)
Event type Fun
Description Meet at HMC for rides at 8 AM. Due to the nature of the event, wear old clothing that you wouldn't normally wear to school, wouldn't mind getting dirty, etc. - you get the idea. Also, make sure this clothing is somewhat padded - wear multiple layers if you need to. If you have never paintballed before or don't have paintball gear, bring at least $55 in order to cover the cost of admission and the most basic rental package. If you have paintball gear already, bring it, and be sure to bring at least $35 to cover the cost of admission ($20) and paintball/air refills. Siddharth will be available to loan out SMALL amounts (under $20) if you happen to need some extra money. Bring $5 extra for a personal-size pizza lunch at 12:00, or bring your own lunch.