Past Events

Start Time Name LocationArrow desc Event Type
Thu 09/12/13 05:00PM Google Infosession Woz Industry
Wed 09/11/13 05:00PM Yelp Infosession Woz Industry
Mon 09/09/13 07:00PM Instagram Q&A 155 Dwinelle Industry
Thu 09/05/13 06:00PM Twitter Infosession Woz Industry
Tue 09/03/13 05:30PM LinkedIn Infosession Woz Industry
Fri 05/10/13 02:00PM Study/Destress Hogan Room, Cory Miscellaneous
Thu 05/09/13 07:00PM Driver Appreciation Dinner Meet at Woz Miscellaneous
Thu 05/09/13 11:00AM Study/Destress Wozniak Lounge, Soda Miscellaneous
Sun 05/05/13 11:00AM Elections 306 Soda (HP Auditorium) Miscellaneous
Sat 05/04/13 08:45PM Banquet Pacific Hornblower, San Francisco Bay Miscellaneous
Tue 04/30/13 07:00PM Root Beer Float Night!!! Wozniak Lounge Miscellaneous
Sun 04/28/13 02:30PM Laser Tag w/ UPE Q-ZAR, Meet at BART Fun
Sat 04/27/13 07:30AM Rebuilding Together Downtown Berkeley BART Service
Thu 04/25/13 09:00PM Midnight Capture the Flag VLSB (North Entrance) Fun
Tue 04/23/13 06:00PM Karaoke Night with AWE 293 Cory Fun
Mon 04/22/13 07:00PM Ram and Movie Night Wozniak Lounge Fun
Sun 04/21/13 04:00PM Fire Trail 3rd floor Soda entrance Fun
Sat 04/20/13 09:00AM Cal Day Cory Hall Service
Thu 04/18/13 05:00PM Fentons! Fenton's Creamery. Meet in the Soda-Etcheverry Breezeway. Fun
Mon 04/15/13 07:00PM General Meeting 3 Wozniak Lounge Mandatory for Candidates