HKN hosts workshops and events for local high-school and middle-school students throughout the year. These events take place on UC Berkeley’s campus, require no previous experience in EE or CS, and aim to further our organization’s goals of connecting with our local community and spreading STEM education.


EECS Day (Fall)

EECS Day provides a broad survey of electrical engineering and computer science while giving a bit of insight into what it is like to be a student in EECS at UC Berkeley. It includes a CS workshop, an EE workshop, a department tour, and a demo in a lab on campus.


Bearhacks (Fall)

Bearhacks is a day-long hackathon that pairs high-school students with UC Berkeley EECS students to work on a project of their choice. Come in with your own idea or choose one of our starter projects.

Junior EECS Day

Junior EECS Day is an event intended to serve as a first introduction to electrical engineering and computer science for students grades 5-8. This day-long event features introductory programming and circuits labs in Berkeley’s engineering campus, a tour of a campus robotics lab, and, at the end, a showcase of the many aspects of EE and CS.

Maker Workshops

Maker workshops are a series of afternoon workshops hosted on Berkeley’s campus. These events are open to all current high school students. We offer lessons and tips on 3D designing, modeling, and printing, creating facial recognition algorithms (computer vision), microcontrollers (intro to programming on microcontrollers, incorporating them into basic circuits), and IoT devices.

Cal Day drop-in workshops

HKN held drop-in circuits workshops from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during Cal Day. Members guided visitors through one of two projects. Visitors could choose between making an LED blink using a 555 timer IC chip and other circuit components or creating a programmable LED array that could flash in different patterns using a MSP430 microcontroller.

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