Past Events

Start Time NameArrow asc Location Event Type
Mon 10/26/09 12:30PM Bowling Pinole Bowling Alley (Meet at HMC for rides) Fun
Tue 04/20/10 11:00AM Bowling Meet at HMC Fun
Tue 10/12/10 12:00PM Bowling Pinole AMF, Meet @ HMC Fun
Mon 10/15/12 06:00PM Bowling Meet at HMC Fun
Fri 03/04/11 06:30PM Bowling Night Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Wed 10/19/11 07:15PM Bowling Night Pinole AMF, Meet at HMC Fun
Mon 02/27/12 07:15PM Bowling Night Pinole AMF! Meet @ Heart Mining Fun
Sun 10/20/13 09:50AM Bowling w/ Blueprint Bart Station Fun
Thu 10/09/08 01:30PM Bowling w/Qualcomm HMC/AMF Pinole Bowling Alley Fun
Sat 04/06/13 01:10PM Bowling with Blueprint Albany Bowl -- meet at Downtown Berkeley Bart Station Fun
Sun 04/13/14 09:50AM Bowling with Blueprint Bart Station Fun
Fri 09/26/14 05:30PM Box Information Session Cory 521, Hogan Room Industry
Wed 09/18/13 07:00PM Box Infosession Woz Industry
Wed 02/29/12 05:30PM Broadcom infosession 47 Evans Industry
Fri 10/22/10 01:30PM Broomball Meet At HMC Fun
Fri 03/11/11 10:00PM Broomball Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Sat 11/23/13 10:45AM Brunch at 900 Grayson Caffe Strada Fun
Wed 04/30/14 04:30PM Building New Kinds of Games Using Cloud-Based Precomputation Wozniak Lounge Industry
Sat 04/18/09 03:00AM CAL Day 2nd floor Cory Service
Mon 09/29/14 07:00PM CM HP Auditorium Mandatory for Candidates