Past Events

Start TimeArrow asc Name Location Event Type
Fri 04/24/09 11:00AM Board Game Night 310 Soda Fun
Sat 04/25/09 06:30AM Food Fight! 1760 Spruce St Fun
Sun 04/26/09 02:00AM Eastshore State Park Wildlife Restoration Hearst Mining Circle Service
Tue 04/28/09 12:00PM Poker and Cards Night The Woz Fun
Thu 04/30/09 01:00PM Hike to the Big C Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Fri 05/01/09 04:00AM Packet Turn in 290 Cory or 345 Soda Miscellaneous
Fri 05/01/09 10:00AM Root Beer Floats Night The Woz Fun
Sat 05/09/09 10:45AM Initiation 306 Soda Mandatory for Candidates
Sat 05/09/09 12:00PM Banquet SF Miscellaneous
Sat 05/09/09 04:00PM After Banquet Awesomeness Somewhere Awesome Miscellaneous
Sun 05/10/09 04:00AM Elections 306 Soda Miscellaneous
Wed 09/09/09 12:30PM Members' Ice Cream Social Ben and Jerry's Fun
Mon 09/14/09 11:00AM Quia Infosession 71 Evans Industry
Tue 09/15/09 05:00AM Google Intern Panel Luncheon Wozniak Lounge Industry
Tue 09/15/09 10:00AM Google Games Geek Trivia Wozniak Lounge Fun
Tue 09/15/09 11:00AM Google Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Wed 09/16/09 11:00AM Qualcomm Infosession Wozniak Lounge Industry
Thu 09/17/09 10:00AM Riverbed Infosession Hughes Room 400 Cory Industry
Sat 09/19/09 06:00AM EE20 Review Session 306 Soda Service
Sat 09/19/09 11:30AM Members' Potluck Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall Fun