Past Events

Start TimeArrow desc Name Location Event Type
Sun 12/07/08 03:00AM Elections HP Auditorium (306 Soda) Miscellaneous
Sat 12/06/08 03:00PM After Banquet Awesomeness TBA Miscellaneous
Sat 12/06/08 11:00AM Banquet Il Fornaio Fun
Sat 12/06/08 09:45AM Initiation 306 Soda Mandatory for Candidates
Sat 12/06/08 03:30AM EE20 Review Session 521 Cory (Hogan Room) Service
Tue 11/25/08 09:00AM Root Beer Floats Night Wozniak Lounge (430 Soda) Fun
Mon 11/24/08 10:00AM Crafts Night 310 Soda Fun
Sun 11/23/08 12:00AM Paintball Paintball Jungle (45 minutes north of Berkeley) Fun
Fri 11/21/08 09:00AM HKN/UPE/CSUA Joint Game Night 380 Soda Fun
Fri 11/21/08 04:00AM Lunch With The President 345 Soda Fun
Thu 11/20/08 10:00AM Sushi Night Wozniak Lounge (430 Soda) Fun
Tue 11/18/08 08:00AM Interview Prep Workshop 405 Soda Industry
Mon 11/17/08 10:30AM Qualcomm Tech Talk: Android and the Future of Open Source OS Wozniak Lounge Industry
Sun 11/16/08 07:30AM Beach Bonfire HMC Fun
Sat 11/15/08 03:00AM Picnic HMC/Codornices Park Big Fun
Fri 11/14/08 01:00PM Engineering Sports Night Maxwell Field Fun
Wed 11/12/08 10:30AM General Meeting 3 Wozniak Lounge (430 Soda) Mandatory for Candidates
Tue 11/11/08 03:15AM UPE Mini Golf Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Sun 11/09/08 10:00AM MIT Lincoln Laboratories Infosession 3 Evans Industry
Fri 11/07/08 11:00PM Renew The Zoo Hearst Mining Circle Service