Past Events

Start Time Name LocationArrow desc Event Type
Sat 04/18/09 03:00AM CAL Day 2nd floor Cory Service
Fri 04/17/09 03:00PM Engineering Sports Night Maxwell Family Field Fun
Wed 04/15/09 01:00PM Crafts Night The Woz Fun
Sat 04/11/09 01:00PM Alumni Broomball Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Sat 04/11/09 01:00AM Eggster Berkeley Campanile Service
Wed 04/08/09 12:00PM Sushi and Origami Night The Woz Fun
Mon 04/06/09 12:30PM Fenton's Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Sat 04/04/09 04:00AM HKN Olympics The Woz Big Fun
Thu 04/02/09 11:00AM Staff Appreciation Bake-off TBA Service
Tue 03/31/09 11:30AM General Meeting 2 The Woz Mandatory for Candidates
Wed 03/18/09 11:00AM Faces of EECS The Woz Service
Mon 03/16/09 02:00PM Bowling Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Sun 03/15/09 02:00AM Intersociety Paintball Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Sat 03/14/09 04:00AM Photo Scavenger Hunt The Woz Big Fun
Tue 03/10/09 07:00AM HKN Startup Fair 120ABC Bechtel Industry
Sun 03/08/09 08:30AM Beach Bonfire Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Sat 03/07/09 08:00AM Capture the Flag with AIChE Memorial Glade Fun
Fri 03/06/09 10:00AM Game Night The Woz Fun
Thu 03/05/09 10:30AM HKN Coding Competition 306 SODA Industry
Tue 03/03/09 10:30AM General Meeting 1 120 Bechtel Mandatory for Candidates