Past Events

Start Time Name Location Event TypeArrow asc
Sun 04/25/10 02:45AM Laser Tag with UPE Meet at HMC Fun
Mon 11/24/14 04:20PM Fentons! Downtown Berkeley Bart Fun
Sat 04/17/10 03:00PM Hike To Big C Meet at HMC Fun
Fri 04/23/10 05:00AM Lunch with Prez Soda/Etch Breezeway Fun
Fri 04/17/15 08:40PM Alumni Broomball Downtown Berkeley BART Fun
Mon 11/23/15 06:00PM Fentons Sather Gate Fun
Sat 12/06/08 11:00AM Banquet Il Fornaio Fun
Sat 11/22/14 10:15PM Alumni Broomball Hearst Mining Circle (travelling by Bart to Oakland Ice Center) Fun
Sat 04/19/14 06:30PM Dinner with Predwin Etcheverry/Soda Breezeway Fun
Sat 04/26/14 08:30PM Alumni Broom Ball Oakland Ice Center Fun
Wed 04/23/14 06:30PM LAN-Party w/ CSUA and Blueprint Wozniak Lounge Fun
Sat 04/05/14 05:00PM Engineering Sports Night Memorial Glade Fun
Sat 09/19/09 11:30AM Members' Potluck Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall Fun
Mon 11/23/09 01:00PM Hike to the Big C Big C (Meet at HMC) Fun
Wed 03/19/14 10:00PM Intersocietal Almost Midnight CTF VLSB (north side) Fun
Fri 09/12/08 10:00AM Member's Rock Climbing HMC Fun
Fri 10/17/08 12:00PM Rock Climbing Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Fri 03/14/14 07:00PM Karaoke and Pi Day with AWE Hogan Room (Cory 521) Fun
Tue 04/01/14 08:00PM Theatre Games 306 Soda Fun
Sat 03/13/10 12:00PM Alumni Broomball Meet @ HMC Fun