Past Events

Start Time NameArrow desc Location Event Type
Sat 12/05/09 09:45AM Initiation 306 Soda Mandatory for Candidates
Mon 11/30/09 10:00AM Root Beer Float Night The Woz Miscellaneous
Tue 11/24/09 10:45AM HKN Ballroom Dancing + Mixer The Woz Miscellaneous
Mon 11/23/09 01:00PM Hike to the Big C Big C (Meet at HMC) Fun
Sun 11/22/09 01:00AM Strawberry Creek Restoration Meet at HMC Service
Fri 11/20/09 12:30PM Engineering Sports Night The Woz Fun
Fri 11/20/09 05:00AM Lunch with the Prez 345 Soda Fun
Thu 11/19/09 11:30AM Fundraising for Causes HKN Soda Office - 345 Soda Service
Wed 11/18/09 10:00AM Maxim Integrated Products Infosession 7 Evans Industry
Tue 11/17/09 10:30AM General Meeting 3 The Woz Mandatory for Candidates
Tue 11/17/09 04:00AM Lockheed Martin Career Module Wozniak Lounge Service
Sun 11/15/09 05:00AM CS61a review session 306 Soda Miscellaneous
Fri 11/13/09 01:00PM Alumni Broomball Oakland Ice Center (Meet at HMC) Fun
Thu 11/12/09 11:00AM Poker Night The Woz Fun
Wed 11/11/09 11:00AM Fugitive Hearst Mining Circle Fun
Sun 11/08/09 09:00AM CS61C Review Session 306 Soda Service
Sun 11/08/09 07:00AM CS61B Review Session 306 Soda Service
Sun 11/08/09 05:00AM EE20 Review Session 306 Soda Miscellaneous
Tue 11/03/09 12:00PM Fenton's Fenton's Creamery (Meet at HMC for rides) Fun
Sat 10/31/09 10:00AM EE40 Review Session 306 Soda Miscellaneous