Past Events

Start Time NameArrow desc Location Event Type
Fri 12/08/17 10:00AM Free Pancakes! Soda Breezeway Miscellaneous
Thu 12/07/17 05:00PM RRR Study Session Wozniak Lounge Miscellaneous
Wed 12/06/17 08:00PM RRR Study Session Wozniak Lounge Miscellaneous
Wed 12/06/17 05:00PM Make your own Play-Dough Wozniak Lounge Miscellaneous
Wed 04/19/17 07:00PM Succulent Planting Party Wozniak Lounge Miscellaneous
Thu 03/09/17 02:00PM Make-your-own Boba Wozniak Lounge Miscellaneous
Wed 12/07/16 07:00PM Winter Wonderland Hearst Memorial Mining Building Miscellaneous
Mon 12/05/16 12:00AM Dead Week Office Hours Soda and Cory Miscellaneous
Sat 12/03/16 07:00PM Fall 2016 Banquet Lawrence Hall of Science Miscellaneous
Thu 05/05/16 12:00PM Study/Destress Wozniak Lounge Miscellaneous
Tue 05/03/16 03:30PM Escape from the Werewolf Village Wozniak Lounge Miscellaneous
Sat 04/30/16 07:00PM Banquet McCormick & Kuleto's Miscellaneous
Wed 12/09/15 07:00PM Winter Wonderland Dance HMMB Lobby Miscellaneous
Sat 12/05/15 07:00PM Banquet H.S. Lordships (199 Seawall Drive, Berkeley, CA 94710) Miscellaneous
Tue 12/01/15 05:00PM RBFN Wozniak Lounge Miscellaneous
Fri 10/02/15 03:00PM Candidate Hangout Cory Courtyard Miscellaneous
Sun 05/03/15 11:00AM Elections HP Auditorium Miscellaneous
Sat 05/02/15 07:00PM Banquet ROE Restaurant (651 Howard St, San Francisco, CA) Miscellaneous
Tue 04/28/15 05:00PM RBFN Woz Miscellaneous
Wed 04/15/15 05:00PM Study Destress Woz Miscellaneous