Electrical Engineering 219D

Title Concurrent Models of Computation
Units 3
Prerequisites Graduate standing.
Description Theory and practice of concurrent models of computation (MoCs) with applications to software systems, embedded systems, and cyber-physical systems. Analysis for boundedness, deadlock, and determinacy; formal semantics (fixed point semantics and metric-space models); composition; heterogeneity; and model-based design. MoCs covered may include process networks, threads, message passing, synchronous/reactive, dataflow, rendezvous, time-triggered, discrete events, and continuous time. Also listed as Computer Science C219D.
Sections Instructor Teaching Effectiveness How worthwhile was this course?
Fall 2011 Edward A. Lee 6.3 / 7 6.1 / 7
Overall Rating Teaching Effectiveness How worthwhile was this course?
6.3 / 7 6.1 / 7
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