Electrical Engineering 192 — Mechatronic Design Laboratory (4 Units)

Course Overview


The purpose of EE192 is to provide a semester-long project where students use theory and apply it in practice, in this case producing an autonomous racecar. Students will work in group environments to apply ideas from the electrical, software, and mechanical fields. They will be able to produce a project that may be used to submit in the NATCAR competition.


  • CS61C
  • EE16B, 120

Topics Covered

  • Motor Controls
  • Power Systems
  • Sensors
  • Control Systems


Course Work

  • One Semester Long Project
  • Reports and Assignments
  • Project Checkoffs
  • Contests
  • Quizzes
  • Final

Time Commitment

Outside of class, expect to spend around 10 hours a week, with possible weeks of 20 hours due to project checkoffs and group state.

Choosing the Course

When to take

Students generally take EE 192 their senior year. The skill set of group members should include embedded programming (e.g. 61C, 149), controls (e.g. 120, 128), circuits (e.g. 16B, 105).

What's next?

Given the style of the class and it being taken usually in people's final semester, there is no direct classes to be taken after this, but it applies well in any class with any robotics component.

Usefulness for Research or Internships

Topics covered in this class are directly relevant to robotics-related fields.

Additional Comments/Tips

Find a project group well in advance.

Last Updated: Summer 2020