You are an elite Troubleshooter for Your Friend The Computer.

A Treasonous Scrubot: Blast it or make it crash!

A Destroyed Scrubot: Make the others crash into it.

Greetings, Troubleshooter. I am pleased to see you made it to the mission briefing in time. Had you been 3.423 seconds later we would have had to execute you. But don't get nervous. You have a job to do for Your Friend The Computer.

A number of sectors in Alpha Complex are out of control. Commie Mutant Traitors have reprogrammed the maintenence scrubots and turned them into crazed engines of death and destruction, "cleansing" everything they find.

What's that, Citizen? Why did I permit this? Well, I wished to test the mettle of my Troubleshooters. That's where YOU come in.

Your mission is to single-handedly stop these treasonous bots. You can stop a scrubot in two ways. The most direct way is to blast it with your laser. Unfortunately PLC is only able to provide one laser barrel (six shots) per sector. The other way is to trick the scrubots into crashing into each other or the rubble of scrubots that you've already taken care of.

Good luck and die trying.

The Computer Is Your Friend._

Press "Begin Game" at any time to reset the game.

You control your Troubleshooter by the controls on the bottom of the screen. The "Stand Still" button makes you, you guessed it, stand still for a turn. The left compass with "Go" in the middle lets you move around the screen. The compass on the right controls your laser. The number in the center of the right compass gives you the number of shots you have left. If your laser barrel is exhausted then this compass will be disabled. If your move is disabled then you're probably smoking boots. Start a new game.

Blasting a scrubot gives you 50 points while letting one crash into something gives you 100.

The game begins with 15 scrubots and adds five with each new sector.

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Programming by Michael Martin.

Artwork by Brian Bowers.

Scrubots was inspired by West End Games' Paranoia Role-Playing Game of a Darkly Humorous Future. I'd provide a link but I can't find one.