I wrote this page in October of 2002 in order to make a point of how how the publicity staff of an institution can inflate the institution's award count. Admittedly, MIT has recently caught up and matched the number 57. Oh well.

Nobel Laureates of the University of California, Berkeley

57 Nobel Prize winners of UC Berkeley including faculty,
researchers, and former students

Last updated December 18, 2003
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The Nobel Prize has been received by fifty-seven different current and former members of UC Berkeley. The ten laureates who are still around are professors Brenner, Akerlof, McFadden, Prusiner, Lee, Debreu, Milosz, Townes, Glaser, and Chamberlain.

2002 Sydney Brenner, shared Physiology/Medicine, Postdoctoral fellow at Virus Laboratory of UC Berkeley, founder of Molecular Sciences Institute 1996-present *
2002 Daniel Kahneman, shared Economics, PhD 1961, Professor of Psychology 1986-1994
2001 George A. Akerlof, shared Economics, Professor of Economics 1966-1978, 1980-present *
2000 Alan J. Heeger, shared Chemistry, PhD 1961
2000 Daniel McFadden, shared Economics, Professor of Economics 1963-1979, 1990-present *
1999 Ahmed H. Zewail, Chemistry, Researcher 1974-1976
1998 Robert B. Laughlin, shared Physics, BS 1972
1998 Amartya Sen, Economics, Researcher 1964-1965
1997 Steven Chu, shared Physics, PhD 1976
1997 Stanley B. Prusiner, shared Physiology or Medicine, Professor of Virology in Residence 1979-present *
1996 Robert F. Curl Jr., shared Chemistry, PhD 1950~
1995 Robert E. Lucas Jr., Economics, PhD student 1959-1960~
1995 Mario J. Molina, shared Chemistry, PhD 1972
1994 John C. Harsanyi, shared Economics, Professor of Economics 1964-2000 (deceased)
1993 Douglass C. North, shared Economics, BA 1942, PhD 1952
1993 Kary B. Mullis, shared Chemistry PhD 1972~
1991 Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, shared Physics, Postdoctoral visitor 1959
1990 Richard E. Taylor, shared Physics Lawrence Berkeley Labs research staff 1960
1990 William F. Sharpe, shared Economics, Undergraduate 1951-53~
1989 Thomas R. Cech, shared Chemistry, PhD 1975
1988 Jack Steinberger, shared Physics, Research assistant 1949-50
1986 Dudley R. Herschbach, Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry 1959-63 with
Yuan T. Lee, PhD 1965, Professor of Chemistry 1974-present *
1983 Henry Taube, shared Chemistry, Instructor 1940-41
1983 Gerard Debreu, shared Economics, Professor of Economics 1962-present *
1980 Lawrence R. Klein, Economics, BA 1942~
1980 James W. Cronin, shared Physics, Bevatron researcher 1958
1980 Czeslaw Milosz, Literature, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures 1961-present *
1979 Sheldon L. Glashow, shared Physics, Professor of Physics 1960~-1966~ with
Steven Weinberg, Research scientist 1959-66
1978 Herbert A. Simon, Economics, Research director 1939-42 (deceased)
1978 Werner Arber, shared Physiology/Medicine, Visiting researcher 1963 with
Hamilton O. Smith, BS 1952
1973 Geoffrey Wilkinson, shared Chemistry, Radiation Lab researcher 1946-1949 (deceased)
1968 Luis W. Alvarez, Physics, Professor of Physics 1936-88 (deceased)
1965 Julian Schwinger, shared Physics, National research fellow and assistant to Oppenheimer 1939-1941 (deceased)
1964 Charles H. Townes, shared Physics, Professor of Physics 1967-present *
1962 Maurice H. F. Wilkins, shared Physiology/Medicine, Manhattan Project 1940-1945~
1961 Melvin Calvin, Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry 1947-1997 (deceased)
1960 Willard F. Libby, Chemistry, BS 1931, PhD 1933, Instructor 1933-41 (deceased)
1960 Donald A. Glaser, Physics, Professor of Physics 1957-present *
1959 Owen Chamberlain, Physics, Manhattan Project 1942-46, Professor of Physics 1958-present with *
Emilio Segrč, Radiation Lab researcher 1938-46, Professor of Physics 1946-1989 (deceased)
1959 Arthur Kornberg, shared Physiology/Medicine, Research investigator 1951
1957 Tsung-Dao Lee, shared Physics, Research associate and lecturer 1950-51
1955 Willis E. Lamb Jr., shared Physics, BS 1934, PhD 1938
1952 Felix Bloch, shared Physics, Cyclotron researcher 1939 (deceased)
1952 Selman A. Waksman Physiology/Medicine, PhD 1918 (deceased)
1951 Edwin A. McMillan, Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry 1946-1991 (deceased) with
Glenn T. Seaborg, PhD 1937, Professor of Chemistry 1937-1999 (deceased)
1949 William F. Giauque, Chemisry, BS 1920, PhD 1922, Professor of Chemistry 1922-1982 (deceased)
1946 John H. Northrop, shared Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry 1949-1987 (deceased) with
Wendell M. Stanley, Professor of Chemistry 1948-1971 (deceased)
1944 Joseph Erlanger, shared Physiology/Medicine BS 1895~ (deceased)
1943 Otto Stern, Physics, LLD 1930 (deceased)
1939 Ernest O. Lawrence, Physics, Professor of Physics 1930-1958, Radiation lab director 1936-1958 (deceased)
1934 Harold C. Urey, Chemistry, PhD 1923 (deceased)
* still part of the faculty, on the campus, or in the city of Berkeley
~ approximate date

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