Terran Confederation Navy & Kilrathi
Military Ranks

Terran Confederation Navy Kilrathi Empire
Confederation Navy Confederation Space Force Imperial Armed Forces
Enlisted Ranks
Spaceman (E1) Spacehand (E1) Least Claw
Veteran Spaceman (E2) Spacehand, 2nd Class (E2) Third Claw
Petty Officer (E3) Spacehand, 1st Class (E3) Second Claw
Chief Petty Officer (E4) Senior Spacehand (E4) First Claw
Master Chief Petty Officer (E5) Staff Sergeant (E5)
Tech Sergeant (E6)
Master Sergeant (E7)
Senior Master Sergeant (E8)
Chief Master Sergeant (E9)
Officer Ranks
Ensign, 2nd Class (O1) 2nd Lieutenant (O1) Fourth Fang
Ensign (O2) 1st Lieutenant (O2) Third Fang
2nd Lieutenant (O3) Captain (O3) Second Fang
1st Lieutenant (O4)
Lieutenant Commander (O5) Major (O4) First Fang
Commander (O6) Lieutenant Colonel (O5) Shintahr
Captain (O7) Colonel (O6) Kal Shintahr
Flag Officer Ranks
Commodore (O8) Brigadier General (O7) Kalahn
Rear Admiral (O9) Lieutenant General (08) Khantahr
Vice Admiral (10) Major General (O9) Kal Khantahr
Admiral (11) General (10) Kalralahr
Space Marshal (12)

Most Kilrathi pilots are at least Fourth Fangs, with First Fangs and higher going on to command ships and squadrons. The rank of Kalralahr is roughly equivalent to the Admiral or Space Marshal, who controls whole sectors or commands large fleet operations.