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Very Frequently Asked Questions (a FAQ addendum)

  • Where's the real FAQ?
    A FAQ is at

  • How do I join Spunky2, the eels mailing list?
    Go to and follow directions from there. Or enter your e-mail below:
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  • I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the extra songs are on the import version of Daisies?
    ``Mr E's Beautiful Blues'' (regular bonus track) and ``Birdgirl on a Cellphone,'' which is available on various configurations of the ``Mr E's Beautiful Blues'' single.

  • Where can I get this version of that song?
    See links below, but try first. (Note: As with most online things today, the host of these songs may be unavailable. But there are always new way to find songs. Ask the list if you need a song, but can't find it.)

  • Why aren't the eels playing in my town when I want to see them and/or playing a club I'm old enough to see?
    To quote another musician (who will remain anonymous), ``I would love to play all ages shows every single time but I play where I can get work ultimately and where the promoters will book all ages shows, we'll play them.'' (Of course, if they aren't playing in your town when you're there, that's just an unhappy coincidence. Either that or you travel too much.)

  • Why Spunky2?
    The original Spunky was on a private server, but was disbanded after its maintainer decided to spend less time on eels-related matters. Now we use Spunky2. (Also, YahooGroups has a ``Spunky'' already.)

  • Are E's solo albums in print?
    Yes. They're available at CDNOW and similar retailers. They also show up in used record stores, and people occasionally sell them on eBay and on the mailing list. Try searching for "a man called e" or "broken toy shop".

  • Who are all the people dying on electro-shock blues?
    E's sister - whom E was very close to and who had a history of mental problems - committed suicide a while before E started work on ESB. His mother was diagnosed with cancer around the same time, and died shortly after the release of ESB. Most songs on the album (not just the title song) mention them, and many are from their points of view.

  • How old is E?
    Well, according to Oor Popencyclopedie 1999 , he was born in 1966, though many (including E himself) have claimed him to be a couple of years older, perhaps born in 1963. However, every time someone comes up with the ``definitive'' answer to how old he is, someone else comes up with a just-as-plausable alternative. So I guess the real answer is that E likes to confuse us. But his birthday is in early April. (Exact date is, again, up for debate.)

  • When was the Westwood One promo concert recorded?
    Well, it was broadcast on January 27, 1997 (from, a French eels site, among others). No one can seem to find a recording date, though.

  • What's all this repeated crap on Spunky2?
    Some people choose to include the entirety of Spunky2 mail (with advertisements and list information) in their response. Yes, it is annoying. Because of that - and since some Spunky2 members have e-mail accounts with limited space - please only include the relevant part if you want to include a previous post.

  • The "dark, scary" album that was recorded with Daisies, wasn't that Electro-Shock Blues?
    Daisies Of The Galaxy and "the dark album" were recorded in 1999, while ESB was released in 1998, so they couldn't possibly be recorded at the same time. "The dark album" hasn't yet been released. Part of it may have evolved into the upcoming Souljacker disc.

  • I get too many mails! Please unsubscribe me!
    Sending unsubscribe messages to the list is useless. Only you may unsubscribe yourself. There are two way of doing so: Note that you DON'T HAVE TO get all these mails. You can also be subscribed getting one mail a day (or every 25 messages, whichever occurs first) with every message that was sent the last 24 hours ("Daily Digest"). Alternatively, you may read the messages at your leisure on the web ("No mail / Web only"). In that case you still have access to the Spunky2 mainpage and you can read the messages there. All this can be set at

  • Did you know that the Radiohead....
    Many people on Spunky2 are very interested in the Radiohead (or Smashing Pumpkins, or other megabands) but an equal number are sick of them, since every once in a while they seem to dominate Spunky2 in threads that seem never to end. (That is, until someone says they're sick of the band and dozens of people respond to agree, then more respond to say ``enough already!'') Do not contribute to the delinquency of Spunky2! Keep your megaband-related posts brief, if you must have any. Many of us are interested in hearing about new and obscure music, but neither of these bands is new or obscure.

  • I never see eels videos on MTV....
    Well, there are some and, but there's also an ftp server at - but ask for username and password on Spunky2, because it can only take three people at a time. There are also European singles with videos included, and Dreamworks has a site here with streaming videos from the from the first album. More at the eels site.

  • Did you know that E lives in Beck's old house in L.A.?

    Yes, we know that E lives in Beck's old house in L.A.

  • Please tell me more!!!
    Well, the Internet has much more to say than I do. All links good as of April 9, 2004, and most web sites are chock full of good stuff. See also the eels webring.

    Michael Baer is a member of Beautiful Electro-Shock Galaxy

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